Build a Cross-platform Voice app with Jovo Framework

What is Jovo?

Jovo is an open-source framework for creating Alexa Skill and Google Action while maintaining and developing with a single codebase.

Why use Jovo?

Without Jovo, you will have to create Alexa Skill and Google Action code separately using two codebases. It becomes hard to maintain both the codebases as your skill or action gets complex and bigger.

In this blog, we will see how you can setup the Jovo framework in your local computer and connect it with your Alexa skill and Google action.

Steps to try Jovo

Install Jovo

Jovo has a CLI that helps us create and manage Jovo apps very easily. Installing Jovo is really simple, just fire up the NPM command using npm install -g jovo-cli
and you are good to go. Please install Node.JS if you haven’t already. Download Node.JS from here.

Create a new project

Once you’ve installed Jovo CLI. Create a new Jovo project using jovo new <directory> –language typescript command for TypeScript or just jovo new <directory> for JavaScript project.

Start Project

After you’ve created you new Jovo project, first run npm run tsc and then run jovo run command to start the project.

Link Endpoint

Jovo will generate a webhook endpoint URL once your project gets start like Just copy the webhook link and paste it to the Dialogflow fulfillment settings and Alexa endpoints.

Open the URL in the browser to debug the project requests
Jovo also has online Jovo Debugger that we can use to track and debug all the requests and responses from the voice assistants.


Alexa Console

Now save and test the webhook.

Jovo Debugger

You can inspect the Jovo webhook using the inbuilt Jovo Debugger. Just open the Jovo generated URL in your browser and you are good to go.

We are exploring Jovo too, and we will post more about it soon. Try it out and share your experience in the comments below.

Check out all about Jovo at

Thanks for reading.