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About Rarare


RaRaRe is a platform that allows users to share their debates and opinions and turn them into actionable requests for positive change. The platform was founded with the belief that social debates and opinion sharing can have a positive impact on communities and can serve as a catalyst for connecting people, authorities, and businesses to improve the community.

The Challenge

Enpacto was responsible for creating a multilingual RASA chatbot for their website with a custom widget that included image upload, authentication, and location-gathering capabilities.

This chatbot was designed to improve the user experience for website visitors by providing a convenient and interactive way for them to interact with Rarare’s services and resources.

The custom widget allowed users to easily upload images, authenticate their accounts, and provide their location information, all within the chatbot interface. This enhanced the functionality and usability of the chatbot, making it a valuable tool for Rarare to engage with its customers.

The Solution

To provide a custom multilingual chatbot solution for Rarare, our team utilized a number of technologies and approaches. On the front end, we used React to build a user interface that included all of the features required by Rarare, such as image upload, authentication, and location gathering. Google Maps was integrated into the interface to enable the display of maps, and various forms of authentication, including Google, Facebook, and email, were implemented to allow users to log in to the chatbot.

On the backend, we employed RASA as the chatbot engine and trained it to handle custom flows, including authentication, image upload, and location pinning. We also integrated the chatbot with Rarare's API and systems using the RASA Actions server, enabling the chatbot to gather data from users and push it to the Rarare database via the API.

The entire RASA stack was hosted on an AWS instance, and the chatbot UI build file was added to the Rarare website as a JS snippet. This allowed the chatbot to be easily integrated into the website and made it accessible to users. Through the use of these technologies and approaches, we were able to successfully implement a custom chatbot solution for Rarare that met their needs and enhanced the website experience for users.