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About Rocketchat

Rocket.Chat is an open-source, real-time communication platform that allows users to chat with each other and collaborate on projects in real-time. It offers a wide range of features, including support for group and private messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and more. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including team collaboration, customer support, and community engagement.

Rocket.Chat is designed to be highly customizable and can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms. It can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, and is available as a web application, as well as native mobile and desktop apps. It is built using modern technologies like Node.js, React, and MongoDB, and is designed to be scalable and performant.

Overall, Rocket.Chat is a popular choice for organizations looking for a feature-rich, real-time communication platform that is flexible and easy to use.

The Challenge

Enpacto was entrusted with the task of implementing a chatbot for the Rocket.Chat website using Dialogflow. The chatbot was designed to assist customers and capture leads in Zoho Desk, a customer service and support platform. Dialogflow is a powerful tool that allows developers to build chatbots and other conversational interfaces for a variety of purposes, including customer service, sales, and support.

The Solution

The implementation of a chatbot for the Rocket.Chat website involved a collaborative effort between Enpacto and the Rocket.Chat team. Together, we worked to design a chatbot flow that aligned with the business's use cases and provided value to customers. Once the chatbot flow was finalized, we implemented it on Dialogflow and integrated the Dialogflow intents with the Rocket.Chat and Zoho systems using API. This allowed the chatbot to generate and capture leads in an efficient and seamless manner.

To power the chatbot's backend, we used Node.JS as the fulfillment server for Dialogflow. Node.JS is a popular runtime environment for executing JavaScript code on the server side, and it is known for its speed, scalability, and flexibility. It was an ideal choice for serving as the foundation for the chatbot's backend.

In addition to its integration with Dialogflow, the Rocket.Chat platform also has an in-built feature that allows it to connect with Dialogflow agents. This made it easy to integrate the chatbot into the Rocket.Chat website and take advantage of all of its capabilities. To ensure that customers always had access to human support when needed, the chatbot also included a feature for human handover. Overall, the chatbot was implemented on the Rocket.Chat website was a powerful and versatile tool that enhanced the customer experience and streamlined lead capture for the organization.